FryskWare® PURA Turnout

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* Especially developed together with owners of PRE and baroque horses*

This is a combination purchase of the FryskWare PURA Turnout and the FRYSKWARE Liner at a

reduced price

* Especially developed together with owners of PRE and baroque horses*

This is the ultimate outdoor cover for all seasons, especially for baroque horses and breeds with a wide front. The Fryskware PURA Turnout is wind- and waterproof, maximum breathing and made of cast-iron ballistic nylon outdoor fabric in 1680 D Oxford with a smooth, antibacterial nylon lining in 210D with a temperature-regulating fibrefill filling of 50 gr. (rain cover) or 150 gr (rain/winter cover).

Specifications Fryskware PURA Turnout:

* Extra pleats at neckline
* Higher gusset
* Deepened neckline with widened front for extra bow space

* Strong, waterproof, max. breathing ballistic nylon outdoor fabric of 1680 D
* Smooth, antibacterial nylon lining in 210D that prevents abrasions, repels dirt and doesn’t absorb any horse hairs.
* Heat-regulating lightweight ‘thermobonded’ fibrefill filling of 50 gr (rain cover) or 150 gr (rain/winter cover).

* Three adjustable belly girths (crosswise)
* Plasticized, elastic lag strap that can easily be cleaned.
* Reflective piping around the horse, making it clearly visible in the dark.

* Attachment points for extra lag straps
* Attachment points for the Fryskware PURA Liner
* Attachment straps for detachable neck (50 and 150 gr), rainproof.

You can combine the Fryskware PURA Turnout with the Fryskware PURA Liner of 100 gr to create a warm winter cover of 150 or 250 gr.

You can order a neck cover in 50 and 150 gr as well. The smooth lining of this neck cover protects the sensitive manes of your horse.


The lining of the Fryskware PURA Turnoutis made according to the Stay silky, stay shiny, stay soundly principle. This cover prevents abrasions, doesn’t absorb any hairs and ensures a shiny coat.

The lining of the Fryskware Cross Turnout is made according to the Stay dry, stay cool, stay warm principle (antibacterial, breathing Teflon coating). You can lay this cover on a slightly sweaty horse.

Both covers have the patented fourfold adjustable FW45 Superfrontthat ensures a perfectly fitting cover for the baroque horse that gives optimal grazing- and freedom of movement.







| Michelle Goodwin 09-04-2024 23:43

This is the best blanket I have found for my very wide necked Andalusian horse. We have tried many different blankets that claim to be for larger horses, none worked. It is a smart and cleaver design, very well made and heavy duty. Would love to see a fly sheet/rug design!

| Jennefer 28-11-2020 09:50

I am very happy with the Fryskware blanket. It was delivered quickly and it fits my Frisian perfectly. The neck cover is also perfect. When my horse sees something, her neck is very vertical. With another blanket, The neck would drop down and then kept pinching there. This is not the case with this blanket. It simply stays in place. The blanket also does not press on the withers.

5 stars based on 2 reviews