About us

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We are Specialist in Quality Horse Blankets . With us you can enjoy a wide range of horse blankets . View our extensive RANGE .

The Luba horse blankets are designed by us and produced in-house . Before taking a new blanket ( model / design ) in full production , they are first season worn by our own horses . As a result, we are able to  give the blanket an ideal fit. We are constantly working on improvements and new developments , resulting in  new models .

Friesian | Baroque horses;  for many years a great hobby of the owners of Luba horse blankets. Because thanks to our own experience and reports from the Friesian | Baroque horse world was a great need for a "real FRIESIAN | BAROQUE horse blanket ," we started 15 years ago with its development.
We now have a large assortment FRIESIAN | BAROQUE horse rugs , which are entirely own designs and typical construction . Most models are lined with chic nice color band.

We also provide advertising blankets for businesses and events according to your wishes . For sponsoring horse events we might be able to have blankets available at cost . Prepared case please contact us .

Do you have specific requirements ? let us know!