LuBa Horseblankets® Fly rug Anti Fly COMBO/fixed fullneck

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Small-meshed anti fly sheet for your horse's comfort while grazing. The rugs has an extra generous cut tail and belly flaps, the additional neck part protect the horse effectively against nasty insects. The sheet's smooth material guarantees greatest wearing comfort while the sheet's kick pleat makes sure the horse's movements are not restricted.

The belly flap ensures that your horse can roll delicious and the blanket remains in place.
Cut-outs for the ears so that the neck portion can not slide to the rear and also protects a portion of the head.

  • Fixed neck for maximum protection!
  • Beautifully cooling blanket!
  • Double chest closure
  • Double surcingles
  • two leg straps
  • tailflap

Color: Navy with white-finished

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